• NOROO Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Establishment of the first holding company system in the industry

    Develops group level policies and strategies to maximize its subsidiary companies’s revenues and reinforce management efficiency and establishes a responsible management system for a new jump toward a global company with the first holdings system in the industry. In the long-term, maximizes synergy effects among affiliates via sharing global market information and develops new prospective businesses for the future.

  • NOROO Paint Co., Ltd.

    A premier company in the ear of endless competition providing premier services based on the management concepts of beautiful world and harmonious value creation.

    NOROO Paint applied state-of-the-art digital technologies to the production process in a variety of areas such as resin to analyze colors and make databases as well as automatically controlling all the processes from testing, putting in, distributing, and mixing raw materials to processing and packaging. Via this, it enhanced the competitive advantage. In the area of paints, it produces high functional coatings and eco-friendly coatings to cope with the rapidly changing market trends in recent days as well as coatings for architecture and automotives.

  • IPK Co., Ltd.

    A joint venture with Akzo Nobel, a global comprehensive chemical company. A specialty company producing marine paints and protective paints.

    IPK is a joint venture with Akzo Nobel, Netherlands and produces marine paints for LNG vessels and cargo vessels and protective paints, providing best solutions based on global experiences.

  • NOROO BEE Chemical Co., Ltd.

    A joint venture with Nippon BEE Chemical and a leading company in the area of domestic plastic coatings.

    NOROO BEE Chemical is a joint venture with Nippon BEE Chemical, global plastic coatings company. It produces plastic coatings for automotives and home appliances and vacuum depositing coatings. It has established premier quality assurance system including the certification of 'ISO-TS16949', which satisfies the quality requirements of US big three automotive manufacturers.

  • NOROO Chemical Co., Ltd.

    A specialized functional coatings company with a variety of premier qualities via state-of-the-art facilities.

    A specialized functional coatings company, NOROO Chemical supplies various products including 14 KS-certified products and those for architecture, woodwork, industrial, and protective ones. It reinforces its global competitive advantage as a comprehensive coatings company.


    A specialized company in high quality facilities and plant design, executive supervision and control, construction and chemical plant, coating equipment, and factory automation.

    Deers Seda is a specialized company manufacturing and supplying paint, print ink coating, resin and chemical product manufacturing facilities and plant on a turn-key base. It actively conforms to various demands from customers by performing feasibility survey, basic design, construction and test operation to supervision of plant engineering

  • NOROO Painting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Chinese local corporation for the Chinese market via localization strategy.

    NOROO Painting (Shanghai) is a Chinese local corporation. It will grow into a global paint manufacture via differentiated businesses in China, which emerges as the largest coatings market in the world.

  • NOROO Coil Coatings Co., Ltd.

    High quality pre-coated metal (PCM) paint specialized company.

    NOROO Coil Coatings developed supplying of ultra-high speed coating paints and under-coatings for balls, as a PCM coatings specialized company producing coatings for color steel coils necessary for various construction materials and home appliances. It continues to develop and supply PCM coatings as a proud leader pioneering the global market via continued technology development.

  • NOROO Automotive Coatings Co., Ltd.

    Production of automotive coatings with globally recognized quality.

    NOROO Automotive Coatings is a company specialized in automotive coatings of global level quality, supplying automotive coatings for automotive manufacturers representing Korea. It completed the construction of state-of-the-art research facilities and a large-scale factory in Hwaseong in 2008, and now provides high functional, high quality paints to the global market.


    Providing all the services relating to painting

    Colormate provides all kinds of services relating to painting with the company objective of ‘Harmony of beautiful colors’. It takes solving various demands of customers as the highest value. Colormate provides total solutions relating to colors such as painting for both domestic and overseas brands, wholesale and retail of related materials, online shopping mall, home shopping, and operation of a painting academy.

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