Incorporation Spirit

For My Mother Country

  • Spirit of Establishing
    NOROO Way
  • NOROO Way is the corporate value that inherited the spirit of ‘For my mother country’, belief of professional calling, and mindset which reflect the entrepreneurship of the founding chairman of NOROO Group. It is the value system for the future, which is set for the growth and development of NOROO Group to a global corporation.

    All NOROO people shall share NOROO Way components and practice them to create better corporate value with steadfast scenarios and prepared challenges conforming to NOROO Group’s growth strategy. By this, we will be able to accomplish the growth target for a global company in line with the vision of the founding chairperson who grew NOROO Group into a reliable company of Korea.

  • Management philosophy

    Management Philosophy

    A never-existed road in the world, the new road to be made by NOROO

  • Management Concepts

    Management Concepts

    Bright Color,
    Smart World

  • Shared value

    Shared Value

    Customer: Charming and attractive
    Employee: Making dreams and happiness
    Shareholder: Growing together

  • Business policies

    Business Policies

    Based on balance and efficiency Selection and concentration, establishing core capabilities Implementing new businesses, global strategies

Management Philosophy

A never-existed road in the world, the new road to be made by NOROO

NOROO Group, which made remarkable growth with serving the mother country through business and rigid artisan spirit, pours all its core capabilities into developing the global market with adamant will on global management. This will require all NOROO people to break through a new road with new ‘creation’ and prepared ‘challenge’ with sincere review on accomplishments and insights toward the rapidly changing global market. Furthermore, the road to be made by NOROO Group shall be the one, broad and level, on which our descendents in 100 years and 200 years can enjoy happiness and prosperity not just for the happiness of ourselves.

Management Concepts

Bright Color,
Smart World

  • Bright

    Positive and bright company,
    NOROO Group

  • Color

    NOROO Group’s talented people
    who have accompanied the
    companywith a variety of
    characteristicsand talents

  • Smart

    Will of NOROO Group on technology
    development to change people’s
    lives much more conveniently

  • World

    Spirit of NOROO Group that makes
    enterprising challenges to the
    global market

These Management Concepts make NOROO Group evolve into a global company with steadfast status via technologies development to help global consumers enjoy beautiful lives.

Shared Value

  • NOROO, Charming and Attractive

    NOROO, living in the lives of
    customers as beautiful colors

  • NOROO, Making Dreams and Happiness

    NOROO, the living place of
    Noroo people where their
    dreams come true

  • NOROO, Growing Together

    NOROO, prospering with
    shareholders via value improvement

Business Policies

  • Selection and concentration

    Selection and

  • Establishing core capabilities

    Core Capabilities

  • Implementing new businesses

    New Businesses

  • Global strategies


Balance and Efficiency
  • Balance and Efficiency

    NOROO Group implements its businesses based on the balance of thinking and efficiency of capabilities.

  • Selection and Concentration / Establishing Core Capabilities

    To maximize the utilization of business resources, we seek for selection and concentration and focus on core capabilities, discovering and fostering of core talents.

  • Implementing New Businesses / Global Strategies

    We execute solid global strategies while making new growth via challenges toward the vision of a global company, NOROO Group.

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