Benefits for Employees

NOROO R&C encourages its people to keep balance between work and home,

endeavoring for maximizing work efficiency and raising productivity.
  • Work hours

    Work hours

    8:30 - 17:30

  • Vacation


    Work for five days a week, Summer vacation and expenses support

  • commuting buses

    commuting buses

    Operating commuting buses to nearby subway stations

  • Cafeteria


    breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Retirement pension system

    Retirement pension system

    Joined retirement pension system for employees’affluent retirement lives

  • Supporting various family events

    Supporting various family events

    Family events such as marriage, celebration of age of 60,
    death, etc.

  • Supporting schooling expenses

    Supporting schooling expenses

    Supporting schooling expenses for middle and high school students and college children

  • Group personal accident insurance

    Group personal accident insurance

    Supporting hospitalization expenses for employees and spouses

  • Medical checkup

    Medical checkup

    Supporting comprehensive medical checkup for employees over 34

  • Education system

    Education system

    Education by class (associate - director), Education by job (administration/sales/technology)

  • Reward for long-term service

    Reward for long-term service

    Rewards for 10/15/20/25/30/35-year service Free overseas travel coupon

  • Presents for family and company event days

    Presents for family and company event days

    Gift cards for birthday, marriage, company establishment, national holidays, and Labor day

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